Baby boy welcomed with love | St. George Utah Newborn and Family Fine Art Film Photographer

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Mini Session | St. George, Utah Portrait Photography

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Film Love | Southern Utah Family Film Photographer

Such a beautiful family. Malea, is an extremely talented photographer and when she asked me to photograph her family I was so nervous, this is my very first session shot fully on film. Her family was a dream! My love for film continues to grow with every scan I get back, I’m slightly obsessed with it. Thank you for letting me capture your beautiful family!!

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Big Changes

I made a huge decision today … one that has been weighing very heavily on my mind for quite sometime now. My photography business has been a big part of my life for the last 5 years and something that I have found a lot of joy and pleasure in doing. Something that has led me to some incredibly wonderful people and my sweet clients that I now call friends I am so grateful for. I have a passion which lies within creating art with my camera but somewhere along the way I have lost the ‘art’ of it all. I have found myself shooting for clients just as a job. I wholeheartedly believe in photographing images that are going to tug at your heartstrings, that have special meaning behind them or just to simply create a beautiful timeless image. I have never been a huge fan of photoshop. I think it’s amazing what it can do to an image but all too often those lovely faces are altered all too much that you can no longer see the soul. I love a raw image one that is real. Editing photos for my clients takes away way too much precious time with my sweet family. My oldest child, my darling daughter just started first grade and it hit me really hard how fast time slips away, how little time we have with our children while they are young.

For the last few months I have had a love affair with film photography. Ever since I got my first rolls of film developed I have not had the slightest desire to pick up a digital camera ever again. The rawness and beauty that comes out of a film camera is everything that I have been searching for. I have decided to take a break from my photography business at this time. More importantly I have decided to follow my heart! I believe that shooting film is where I will find my balance and my happiness in creating art. I hope to be back shooting for clients once again (in film) in the near future but at this time I am choosing to shoot only for myself and to take the time to perfect my art and to follow my heart and grasp my dreams.

I’m sorry for the long post and I hope this all makes sense to you all in one way or another. I believe I will be back someday but at this point I don’t know when. I will still be posting on this blog, my instagram, and also my facebook of all my personal projects I am about to embark on so please stick around to follow all that I am about to be a part of. Also, I will be needing models from time to time so I will post those also and maybe it will be one of you:).

With that said I will still be shooting a few sessions in September and October so if you are wanting to get a session in with me or have always wanted to book a session with me now is your chance so jump on it:).

Last but not least … Thank you!!! Thank you for supporting me and loving my art. Thank you to my sweet clients that I call friends I am so blessed that you have been a part of my life and I have loved watching your families grow and am excited to continue to do so. A huge thank you to my ever supportive husband who allows me to follow my heart and my dreams … always!! Thank you again!

Much love!!


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Baby Holden | Southern Utah Newborn Photographer

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